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Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish Armed Forces is my full-time employer, where I serve as a Communications Specialist. My role primarily involves crafting both digital and printed communication materials for strategic and operational objectives. Over the course of my five-year occupation with the Swedish Armed Forces, I've had the privilege of working with various communication campaigns. Our messages are tailored to reach a diverse audience, including Swedish citizens and even potential adversaries.

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PR Campaign 2022

"Right Now"

The 'Just Nu' (Right Now) campaign was a brand-building initiative focused on showcasing what the Swedish Armed Forces are currently doing to secure peace and freedom, and to defend Sweden on land, in the air, and at sea.

The aim of the campaign was to enhance understanding of both well-known and lesser-known military capabilities, and the people in the Swedish Armed Forces who collectively contribute to Sweden's security.

My role involved coordinating resources for filming, such as scheduling, locations, military personnel, and equipment, as well as providing advice to the creative team.

Production by: VOLT and Giants & Toys

20210519_frasan01_Vårkampanj 2021 tagning på närövningsfältet01.jpg

Recruitment Campaign 2022

"What will you do?"

This campaign's core objective was to inspire and educate the target audience about national service and encourage sustained engagement with the Swedish Armed Forces. My role in this initiative involved coordinating various resources, including military personnel participating in recordings. Additionally, I provided guidance to the civilian creative team regarding communicative details related to military operations and behavior.

Production: NordDDB and new-land


PR Campaign 2022

"In Enköping and everywhere else"

The objective of this campaign was to foster a stronger connection with Enköping, a small town in Sweden that accommodates over a thousand military personnel. My role was to lead the campaign from ideation to execution. This encompassed crafting a comprehensive strategy, capturing and editing content through photography, and collaborating closely with my team to secure the essential assets and permits required for its success.


Establishing this close relationship with Enköping was crucial because local residents frequently encounter uniformed personnel and sometimes our military activities may affect them. It was also important for us to urge the residents not to photograph or share any military activities they observed online due to potential threats from adversaries seeking information.

20220208_frasan01_Cybersoldater LAB miljö_02.jpg

Information video 2022

Cyber soldier

"Cyber soldier" is a newly established military role for operations in the cyber domain. In this modern form of warfare, there was a need for an informative video that could explain the responsibilities of a cyber soldier, the qualifications required, and the path to becoming one. My role in this project involved documenting Sweden's first cybersoldier platoon for an entire year, collaborating with the creative agency Nord DDB to produce the final product.

The challenges encountered during this project were often complex, particularly because certain individuals involved could not appear in videos. This necessitated exercising utmost discretion in recording and managing the recorded materials, ensuring confidentiality and careful handling at all times

High-Profile Photography

My role has involved documentation of high-profile political figures, demanding the highest level of professionalism. Here is a selection of photographs I captured featuring Sweden's Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson, and the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, Micael Bydén.

Some more of my work for the Swedish Armed Forces

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Other Work

Explore my work as a freelance Media Designer

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