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Daniel Frank Studio


As a part time entrepreneur, I pursue my passion for helping brands illuminate their identity. As a media and branding consultant, I collaborate closely with my clients, delivering content, strategy and design. Some projects are entirely my own creation, while others come to life through creative partnerships with my network of creative freelancers.

Below, you'll find a showcase of both my personal work and collaborations through LitUp.

Gunnar Cyren AB

2021 - Today
I have had the privilege of working with Studio Gunnar Cyrén, renowned for crafting the dinner set used at the Nobel Prize ceremonies, for several years. My role has been to develop visual marketing content, particularly for the launch of their iconic Pop glass series and various other products. This has included capturing photography at events, filming the production process, and editing content specifically designed for digital marketing platforms.

Karossan Invest AB

2023 - Today
Karossan has been a significant client for my studio and our collaboration has been instrumental in transforming their branding and marketing efforts. When we first began working with Karossan, they lacked a formal branding identity and crucial marketing content. We took the challenge head-on, introducing essential elements to kickstart their journey towards a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing visual communication.


During my design studies at Hyper Island, I had the opportunity to work on various projects with real clients, including Lassie, a pet insurance company. For this project, I provided photo and video content for their website and social media, and offered recommendations for further developing their brand identity.



Creating visual content is my passion. I take pride in crafting compelling narratives through both photography and videography, capturing moments that tell captivating stories.
View my full gallery bellow.

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Other Work

Explore my work as a freelance Media Designer and Military Communications Specialist 

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