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My name is Daniel Frank Sanchez, 31 years old.
I have a passion for art, design, and communication, particularly when they converge into a harmonious blend.

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Short about me

By day, I serve as a Communications Specialist for the Swedish Armed Forces, and during my spare time, I take on the role of a part-time branding and marketing consultant with my creative studio. In this dual role, I seamlessly integrate creativity with strategic thinking, ensuring that every project not only captivates visually but also stands firmly grounded in a robust marketing strategy.

My journey has been one of hands-on learning, which has equipped me with a valuable skill set. I thrive in dynamic environments and eagerly embrace new tools and challenges. Working collaboratively in teams is where I shine, and I approach each project with the confidence of a creative leader.

As a consultant, my services are marked by a commitment to providing personalized service. I prefer to work closely with one client at a time, fostering enduring relationships by genuinely delving into their business, products, and unique needs. This allows me to deliver tailored content that perfectly aligns with my clients objectives.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I love spending quality time with my family and evening runs. Wherever I go, my camera is always my companion, a tool that allows me to keep learning and evolving.

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+46 707 36 98

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Explore my work as a freelance Media Designer and Military Communications Specialist 

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